Our Grating Products Have Your Flooring Needs Covered

We stock R30, R40 and R60B (custom orders only) grating profiles that can be finished with options like expanded metal, floorplate or 10x10sp bar. We also stock metal step treads, drain grates, Heelguard and also Fibreglass grating and step treads.

Our metal grating consists of load-bearing bars in various depths and thicknesses with lateral restraint provided by 6mm square twisted crossbars. Our metal grating is also forge-welded to the upper edges of the load-bearing bars, producing a product of one-piece construction with a high strength to weight ratio, which in turn meets the requirements of Australian Standard AS1657.

We can supply metal grating in standard and fabricated panels or customised to project specifications, ready for immediate installation.

Uses of grating include:

  • Power plants.
  • Petrochemical facilities.
  • Mining operations.
  • Industrial construction.
  • Shipbuilding.
  • Paper mills transportation (highway and rails).
  • Wastewater plants.
  • Metallurgical plants.
  • Communication facilities.
  • Commercial facilities and other commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects.
  • Flooring in corrosive locations.

Types of Grating

Plain (Standard) Grating
As the name suggests, our plain (standard) grating has a plain edge load bar with twisted cross rods.

Serrated Grating
Compared to our plain grating our serrated grating has a serrated edge bar for enhanced anti-slip properties. Please note our serrated load bars are not available for 20mm deep grating.

How to Specify Grating Profiles

When ordering, use the code break up below to detail your chosen grating profile:
Part No: R 30 A 325 MPU

  • R – Rapid grating
  • 30 – Load bar pitch
  • A – Cross bar pitch (A = 100mm or B = 50mm)
  • 325 – Bar size (32 x 5)
  • 325 – Bar size (32 x 5)
  • M – Mild steel
  • P – Plain (P = Plain or S = Serrated)
  • U – Untreated

Metal Grating Finish Options

Expanded Metal
Flattened expanded metal can be welded to the underside of our grating to prevent tools and small objects from falling through.

Floor Plate
A 5mm floor plate can be welded to the top of our grating. This option is used in applications such as wet areas where water is directed to a specific drainage location.

10x10sq Bar
A 10x10sq bar can be welded at 300mm centres (nominal) to our grating. This is ideal on walkways, with an incline of 7 degrees or greater as it will reduce the chance of slipping. This option is also beneficial as it meets the requirements of AS1657.

Whatever your grating needs we have you covered, contact your local branch for details.