Rapid Perforating’s handrail systems have the ability to be erected in either a workshop or on-site without being labour intensive. As a result, this solution is used widely throughout the mining, petrochemical and mineral processing heavy industries.

Manufactured in accordance with AS1657, handrail can also be utilised in commercial, local government and general applications.

We also offer handrail solutions in both component form e.g. Stanchions, bends, pipe, kick plate and fully fabricated panels.

Design & Installation Considerations

Stanchion Centres:

  • Steel – 2000mm recommended maximum centres for standard medium-duty stanchions
  • Aluminium – 1800mm recommended maximum centres


  • Steel – One 20mm tack weld to each side of the underside of ball
  • Aluminium – Full circumferential weld to each side of ball

General Tips:

  • Join rails whenever possible inside balls to hide joints
  • Bolt the first stanchion rigidly in place first
  • Do not bolt the other stanchions rigidly in position and attempt to feed pipe through stanchions
  • Start stair and sloping runs at the bottom and work up
  • Closure bends are designed so that the top rail is to join inside the top ball and the lower leg of the bend stops on the outside of the knee rail ball with the knee rail sliding inside the bend