What is Fibreglass Grating?

Rapid Perforating’s fibreglass grating is a one mesh pattern utilising a 38x38mm grid and in turn, provides an open area of 70%. Thanks to its 6mm thick load-bearing bars attribute in both directions this product boasts no load bar direction requirements making it a simple yet versatile flooring option.

Our fibreglass grating is available in either a 38mm or 25mm thick and can also be supplied as a diamond cover or gritted top when solid/abrasive flooring is required.

Resin type – Isophthalic resin provides outstanding corrosion resistance over a large range of chemicals.

Mesh pattern – 38x38mm grid, 70% open area and 6mm thick.

Weight – 25mm thick: 52kg | 38mm thick: 83kg.


  • Strength Vs weight: Fibreglass Grating is lightweight yet still retains its ability to evenly distribute applied loads to adjoining bars.
  • Safe to use in combustible areas: unlike steel, this product has the valuable attribute of being non sparking, making it ideal for use in areas where accidental sparks may occur.
  • Non-magnetic.
  • Non-conductive.
  • Easy to cut on site: using standard cutting tools you can make quick adjustments and or cut to size on site.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • No load bar direction required (bi-directional).

25mm Square Mesh

25mm Deep, 38mm Square

Span (mm)240 Kg/m480 Kg/m980 Kg/m1450 Kg/m2450 Kg/m3650 Kg/m4880 Kg/m

38mm Square Mesh

38mm Deep, 38mm Square

Span (mm)240 Kg/m480 Kg/m980 Kg/m1450 Kg/m2450 Kg/m3650 Kg/m4880 Kg/m