Rapid Perforating is a supplier of perforated metal for industrial, commercial, architectural and private uses.

We commenced manufacturing in 2007 however our employees have been involved in sales and the production of perforated metal for over 25 years.

Many designers are now turning to Urban themes when building or landscaping cities, parks or recreational areas.

Perforated metal is used quite a lot in many of the designs and some examples of perforated metal working in harmony with the environment are below.

We are sure there is a vast untapped area for ‘Perf or ‘Perforated’ Metal Sheeting that has not been explored yet.

Will you be the next designer that takes perforated metal sheeting and fabrication to the next level!

Please check out some of our gallery images to see perforated sheeting working with the environment.

what we do

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service supported through continual review of policies and procedures, quality product and agreed lead times.


  • Carpark screens
  • Sunscreens
  • Decorative panels
  • Balustrade infill panels
  • Facades
  • Acoustic sound barriers
  • Sifting panels
  • Machine protection screens
  • Baking and drying trays
  • Filters
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offering the best level of perforated sheeting and fabrication.